We are a national think-and-do tank that promotes “high road” solutions to social problems.

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New name. Same mission.

Effective January 2024, COWS is now the High Road Strategy Center!

When we first launched this organization in 1990, “COWS” was an acronym for Center on Wisconsin Strategy. Several years later, we changed our name to “COWS” – not as an acronym but as a full name because so much of our work was outside Wisconsin. While COWS is a fond holdover of history, it says nothing about what we do. 

High Road Strategy is what we do and have always done. We are a think-and-do tank, applied research center, provider of technical assistance and advisory services – all aimed at moving more cities and regions and their residents and governments toward high-road development.

High Road Strategy Center captures that aspiration and work so, while our name is changing, our mission, purpose, and services remain the same.

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Can't Survive on $7.25: Higher Minimum Wages for Working Wisconsin

For 15 years, Wisconsin’s minimum wage has been stuck at the federal minimum level of $7.25, which has not been raised since 2009. A higher and well enforced minimum wage helps build a floor that allows workers, employers, and our communities to thrive. In this report, we offer a picture of who wins in Wisconsin with higher minimum wages and some reasons to support higher labor standards for the state. A stronger floor is necessary and possible in Wisconsin. Workers can’t survive on $7.25. It is time to raise the floor.


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