The conditions in which people live, work and play – the Social Determinants of Health – greatly influence health outcomes. In fact, a growing body of research shows that these conditions – things like access to food, housing, transportation, and greenspace – influence health outcomes just as much as personal decisions like diet and exercise or access to clinical care. These conditions are influenced by policy decisions that local governments and elected officials make every day. To connect these dots between research and policy, High Road Strategy Center works with cities to apply a health equity lens to local policy and decision making using evidence-based tools and a Health in All Policies framework.

Legacy Community Alliance for Health

Wisconsin local governments, state agencies, academic partners, and nonprofit groups have joined forces to create the Legacy Community Alliance for Health (LCAH). We provide local Wisconsin leaders with the tools they need to incorporate health equity and the social determinants of health into all decision-making. The goal is to improve internal practices in order incorporate health equity into all policies, plans, and procedures.

This work is generously supported by the Wisconsin Partnership Program.


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