City Leadership

Building high-road cities and metropolitan regions is both good for citizens and a key way to move the national dialogue toward progressive policy solutions. Much of our work is focused on sharing high-road policy and governance with local leaders. High road policy promotes shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democratic government.

Mayors Innovation Project

The Mayors Innovation Project (MIP) is a learning network among American mayors committed to high road policy and governance: shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, efficient democratic government.

MIP offers high-quality content that emphasizes innovative, actionable solutions, offered through formats that prioritize peer-to-peer exchange and learning.

Related Work

We believe that cities are central and critical to getting on the high road. Check out our other city-focused areas of work:


For decades, High Road Strategy Center has produced research focused on how cities can achieve the high road. We present a vision for cities that serve all of their residents through environmental sustainability and democratic governance, with an emphasis on how city leaders can implement policies to make this vision a reality.

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