Years of insufficient investment in aging infrastructure, climate change and regional economic decline have meant a slew of financial challenges for cities and utilities. The ability to ensure resilient and sustainable water systems has become a daunting challenge. Yet while water systems struggle to stay afloat, we believe that access to safe, affordable drinking and waste water is still a fundamental human right. A lack of affordable water can lead to an unfair burden on those that can afford it the least: low-income households that are disproportionately headed by women and/or people of color. Our water program is dedicated to helping city leaders better serve their communities while investing in necessary water infrastructure.

Water Affordability in Cities

High Road Strategy Center is proud to have a rich body of work focused on providing public water utility and city leaders with the resources they need to implement water affordability and efficiency practices. This work is managed by our staff at the Mayors Innovation Project, in partnership with The Water Center at Penn and

This work is generously supported by the Heinz and Mott Foundations.


Want to learn more about our work researching and supporting affordable public water? Contact Aaron Westling.