Wisconsin Economy

Wisconsin sits at the center of national debates on jobs, racial equity, unions, and tax fairness, and since its inception High Road Strategy Center has provided economic analysis and policy ideas to build the high road in this state. Documenting challenges in the economy and demonstrating the promise of policy and practice, High Road Strategy Center is working to improve workers’ lives, create decent jobs, reduce Black/white disparities, and build a stronger state.

The State of Working Wisconsin

For more than two decades, High Road Strategy Center’s State of Working Wisconsin has presented the workers’ perspective:

  • who is winning, and who is being left out
  • where is disparity growing
  • what’s happening to the economic chasm separating Black and white workers in the state.

In 2020, we created a new digital presence to tell the story of workers during COVID-19. We spotlight the brutal Black-white disparities that define this state and provide worker profiles to crystallize the human costs of this crisis.

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Racial Inequality in Wisconsin

Our report, Wisconsin’s Extreme Racial Disparity, provides a Wisconsin-focused summary to the Economic Policy Institute‘s report on racial disparities in the Midwest, Race in the Heartland. Our report provides a careful historical context and a broadly informed policy framework that are critical to winning greater racial equity throughout this region.

This analysis continues to inform our work in Wisconsin and beyond. Racial equity is a critical thread through our work across health, water, cities, transportation, and more.


High Road Strategy Center has long produced research and writing focused on the Wisconsin economy. These reports center the realities of the economy for Wisconsin’s working people.

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