State of Working Wisconsin 2021

State of Working Wisconsin 2020

For more than two decades now, annually, on Labor Day, COWS reports on how working people are faring in the state. The State of Working Wisconsin, released biannually on even-numbered years since 1996, is our long-form report, and looks at the economy comprehensively from a working-family perspective. In odd-numbered years, also biannually, we provide a more abbreviated and focused report, called The State of Working Wisconsin: Facts & Figures. In this year’s report, we provide our overview of some of the most critical issues facing working people in the state.

1: Summary

2: Jobs, Unemployment, & Labor Force

3: Wages & Wage Inequality

5: Income & Poverty

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Same here. Life sucks.


Ugh. Losing your job is the worst.


Man it's rough out there.