Making M.U.S.H. Energy Efficient

Irwin, J., S. L. White, S. Rhodes-Conway, and J. Rogers. Making M.U.S.H. Energy Efficient. COWS, 2011.

Retrofitting the nation’s public and institutional buildings for greater energy efficiency, financing these retrofits from the savings achieved, and requiring local-hire and job and advancement standards for those who do the work can provide the widespread high-road job creation needed in today’s economy. Publicly controlled buildings are an obvious place to focus for a number of reasons. This report discusses the financial structures that can be used, the barriers to doing this work, and the policies needed to overcome these barriers and create high-road jobs. The report is part of the Big Ideas for Job Creation in a Jobless Recovery project funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and organized by the UC-Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Unemployment.