Equity in Apprenticeship Report Series

, C. Equity in Apprenticeship Report Series. COWS, 2018.

Equity in Apprenticeship is a report series which highlights programs that use apprenticeship to extend occupational opportunity to historically marginalized groups, especially people of color and women.

These case studies of apprenticeship programs span the country and industries:

  1. Health Care Pathways in LA: New Apprenticeship Opportunities as an Industry Changes
    The Worker Education and Resource Center (WERC) in Los Angeles has become highly adept at preparing health care workers who share a cultural affinity with LA’s patient populations.
  2. Manufacturing Pathways in Milwaukee: Bringing Skills and Equity to Manufacturing’s Future
    The Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) program is the product of collaboration between labor and management leaders in Milwaukee’s manufacturing sector and has created a new rung in the ladder in production jobs.
  3. Equity from the Frontline: Workers’ Insight and Leadership Supports a Network of Apprenticeships in Transit
    In California, the Joint Workforce Investment in the South Bay Valley Transportation Authority has developed a web of apprenticeships and advancement opportunities.

Equity in Apprenticeship was funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We are grateful for their generous support. The findings and conclusions presented in this series are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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