Wisconsin’s Biobased Industry: Opportunities and Advantages Study

, C. Wisconsin’s Biobased Industry: Opportunities and Advantages Study. COWS, 2006.

Prepared by COWS for the Energy Center of Wisconsin (now Seventhwave) on behalf of Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle’s Consortium on Biobased Industry.

This study (in three volumes) is intended to paint, in broad strokes, the background for the Wisconsin bioeconomy picture. To fill in some of the details, we provide a companion Technical Study dedicated to exploring the specific feedstocks currently grown in Wisconsin, and their potential to anchor various bioindustry processes. Taken together, the Briefing Paper and the Technical Study point toward a key conclusion: in order to create a successful bioeconomy, Wisconsin must not only build on its existing resources and infrastructure, but must also pursue specific policies targeted toward creating an economy that includes a range of rural and urban jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities, ownership opportunities for rural landowners, and economic incentives balanced with environmental protections.

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