Michele Mackey

Position title: Senior Fellow

Michele Mackey (J.D., M.S.) is the CEO of Kids Forward. They are responsible for Kids Forward’s transition to a community-reflective, data driven, anti-racist policy advocacy center. Michele leads the strategic vision for the organization, ensuring racial equity in all things from policy recommendations to internal fiscal and organizational policies. Most critically, Michele leads the culture change needed to build a multicultural and inclusive staff capable of driving systemic change for those we advocate for–children and families of color and those furthest from opportunity.

Prior to Kids Forward, Michele served as Managing Director of the Andon Group, LLC, a nationally recognized organizational development, innovation management, and evaluation consultancy. They are a member of the California Bar and had early careers in intellectual property litigation and financial crimes investigation. Michele holds B.S. (Math/Computer Science,) B.A. (Economics) and J.D. degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and an M.S. degree in Criminology & Management Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Michele has served as a Senior Fellow/Consultant at COWS, researching socio-economic disparity, beginning in 2010.